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Photograph by Selina Sea Gutt




Shaping metal has a long history and when sitting at my bench, I feel connected to the ancient wisdoms and the cultural heritage it transported since the metal sank toward the planets core. Around 4 billion years ago, a storm of stars impacted the earth, where all of the gold and silver came from - the debris of dead stars.

Extending back to 1500 bc and even earlier, Alchemists believed that materials like gold and silver could be recreated if the right combination of ingredients and transformative methods were found. The mysticism behind changing elements was marked by experimental discovery and practical skill. 

Theres no other book than the Alchemist by Paolo Coelho that could explain to me so beautifully why the process of creating objects and jewelry makes me feel so aligned. 
Once I felt it, the self imposed barriers I had build up over the years of trying to navigate myself towards expressing my gifts, dissapeared. Finding my vision and purpose ignited a fire. The book teached me about the concept of the personal legend which is a reminder that each one of us has a unique gift to offer to the world. It's a call to live a life of passion, meaning, and fulfillment. To make the most of the time we have on this earth. It's an emotional and powerful idea that keeps inspiring me to listen to my heart, no matter where it may lead me. 

In the alchemist, the oasis represents a nourishing sanctuary and a place of rest for travelers in the midst of their journey of finding their personal legend. It is a place where people can come together and find a sense of community and replenish their physical and emotional energy before continuing on their journey.
In the ASEO OASE I'm sharing what sticked with me on my journey of self-discovery. I'm continuously creating a fertile space where people can come to feel inspired and supported on their journey, to connect with others who are also seeking their personal legend, and to find the resources and perspectives they need to make their dreams a reality.

Alchemy unfolds as more than a process of transmuting metals. It is a continuous metamorphosis originating within, an ongoing journey of internal transformation.

Egyptian alchemy is a spiritual tradition that aims to transform the soul and achieve a higher level of consciousness. It is a process of self-discovery and  synchronises the individual with the universal natural forces.
We need to go through seven stages of transformation to achieve a higher level of ourselves. 

The first stage is Calcination. All material in the universe derives from a primal primitive source. In the first stage the materia prima - the hidden and burden parts of our consciousness, is being released. This phase is known as the chaos phase where the ego is burned by the fire element. Our worldly attachments, the desire for status, wealth, and the need to solidify our identity will burn to ashes. 

In the second phase - Dissolution, the ashes that remain after calcination are dissolved in water. The water symbolizes the uncouncious, hidden parts of ourselves. We dissolve our old image of our self and our souls are being freed from surpressedemotions and our physical limitations of our bodies. 

Seperation, the third stage will part our learned personality from our natural being. We are becoming aware of our true feelings and stepping into a higher self. By air, we are becoming the awareness - of our thoughts, feelings and desires but not identifying with them or becoming attached to them. We detach from our old skin which might feel scary and vulnerable. 

In the fourth stage, Conjuction, with the earth element, the spirit begins to materialise. We take what’s left of ourselves and connect the elements to shape a new self. We’re unified in body and soul. In this phase we experience that conflicts of polarities dissolve - male and female, body and soul, spirit and matter - we experience Harmony. 

The fifth stage, the Fermentation is where we are reborn. The former self is rotting away which can involve strong feelings of depression as we fear losing our identity. We start to see the world in a new bright light. 

In the sixth stage, the Destillation, our natural being is further getting cleaned and concentrated. We start to listen to our soul. 

The last stage of spiritual alchemy is Coagulation. We are becoming whole. Like blood that hardened after a cut, we’re healing from a wound as we feel ourselves to be independent and complete.  The polarities melt together and shape a unified higher self which is linked to the point when gold cools and solidifies.

Just as in the craft of jewelry making , I find myself in the early stages of mastering this art, continuously learning the nuances of its techniques. Similarly, in the realm of spiritual alchemy, I am on a journey of progression, still navigating through each transformative phase. Wherever you are on your journey, rise more times than you fall, and you will never fail.

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